Some projects I'm working on. Check out my github for more.

  • Goji

    Goji is a web microframework for Go that's high in antioxidants. (It's also simple, flexible, and quite fast, but who's counting?)

  • Motmot

    A distributed chat protocol, as well as a C implementation of it (written as a Pidgin extension). Currently a work in progress, although the core Paxos-based chat engine seems to work well enough.

  • Dotfiles

    Not really a project per se, but a collection of all my config files. There's some pretty good stuff here, especially if you like vim, git, or screen.

  • Mandelbrot

    Just for fun. Runs pretty fast in modern browsers.

  • Whiteboard

    A simple whiteboard I wrote to learn Erlang.

  • Harvard Computer Society

    I kept things running for a while.

  • Coatl

    A Registration system for the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament.